Private Condominium

Design for a condo in Bellevue, WA. View more.

Private Bathroom Redesign

This bathroom in a private residence was completely gutted and re-designed. View more.

Senator's Residence

Design for a residence for a US senator, her husband, a professional pianist, and their two children. View more.

Corporate Office

The goal of this project was to design and develop a new space for an emerging coffee company in the Seattle area. View more.

MAJA Restaurant & Lounge

Restaurant and lounge design. View more.

AIS Satellite Campus

Satellite campus for the Art Institute of Seattle to create a space for students from different programs to collborate on cross disciplinary projects. View more.

Bath Design

The goal of this project was to open up the bathroom by rearranging the bathroom layout to make it pleasing to the eye and comfortable to use. View more.

Fashion Gallery

The goal of this project at the Bellevue College was to design a gallery space. The project had to be completed in one day. View more.

House 2030

By the year 2030, we will have a much greater reliance on recycled materials and clients will be environmentally conscious. Thus, all the materials used in the construction and design are recycable. View more.

Architectural Models

Architectural models for a number of student projects at the Art Institute of Seattle. View more.

CAD Work

CAD work for a number of student projects at Seattle Art Institute. The goal was to design a house in the international style. View more.


About me

I was born in Ecuador but have lived in several countries throughout my life.

I spent my childhood in Zaragoza, Spain, my father's home town, and in Guayaquil, Ecuador, where my mother comes from. I also lived in France, Italy and Colombia among others. My parents love traveling and learning from new cultures.

I pursued many creative careers, hobbies and jobs during my life in Ecuador and Spain including television acting, modeling, photography, film and painting. Read more.

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